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Hiking Trails of Burnt Meadow Mountains & Surrounding Peaks

Burnt Meadow Mountains from the Southeast, Copyright © 5/25/2011 by Douglas Ofiara. Click for Large Summer Photo | Click for Large Winter Photo | Click for Large Fall Photo

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Welcome to the official website of Friends of Burnt Meadow Mountains. Friends of Burnt Meadow Mountains was formed by individuals that maintain the hiking trails on Burnt Meadow Mountains and surrounding peaks, and includes hikers and interested individuals who care about Burnt Meadow Mountains, its hiking trails, and the surrounding area that includes the western foothills of ME and nearby NH. We invite you to get involved and join us on trailwork days and by visiting the website and the trails. You will find general information about the Burnt Meadow Mountain mass in Brownfield, ME and surrounding peaks, along with annual reports, trail maps, trail descriptions, updates, a Friends notepage, and photos. The Updates will contain updated information for hiking trails (relocations, new trails), dates for scheduled trailwork, new and/or changes in signage along the trail system, and such.

We work very closely with the landowners, over which the trails travel, and they are to be commended for their generosity for allowing the trails and parking lot, and for continuing to work with us. We want to emphasize that the trails are solely for Foot-Travel, they are on and cross private property so please respect Landowners' rights, and please leave the trails undisturbed. Carry Out what you Carry In, and Please Kindle NO Fires. In the summer the area is very dry and has high fire risks, so please don't add to this. We will continue to work with the landowners to reopen hiking trails that were destroyed by the fire in 1947. We welcome everyone to come out and enjoy the beautiful trails, scenic vistas, and forest environments of the Burnt Meadow Mountains. And please, help us keep the trails in shape by removing any branches, fallen debris from windstorms that you encounter along the trails. We all need to practice trail stewardship, and leave the trails in better shape than we find them. We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please make this site go viral! Visit it often and tell your friends and any others that might be interested. We can only grow through your support.

PS: As this is a stripped down website, please use the Back Arrow to navigate back to this home page.

The Trailhead Parking Signs on Rt. 160 are up courtesy of MEDOT!! Copyright © 9/8/2012 by Douglas Ofiara.

The Kiosk is up!! Copyright © 12/13/2010 by Douglas Ofiara.

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